The Twisted Vintage Story…

Before we were Twisted Vintage, we were simply two friends who both enjoyed working on garage sale treasures on our own. It was a hobby really–a challenge to find a piece of furniture on its last leg (literally AND figuratively) and give it new life. In 2012, we merged our passions for all things rustic and refinished, and along with our husbands, started this business based on producing quality workmanship while having fun in the process.

We put a lot of love into each piece we work on for our clients. Whether it’s a custom order, an antique find or an outdated item that could use a new look, we can’t wait to transform that special something that will become the conversation piece of your home.

What we do:
-We can refinish a piece of existing furniture you already own
-We can custom build a piece of furniture from scratch
-We offer in-stock items that are ready for purchase
-We take requests to be on the lookout for particular items during our regular antique and “treasure” hunts.

Contact us HERE so we can get started on your one-of-a-kind piece today!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Jessica & Kurt Ederer
-Cathi & Larry Pierce